How to Reupholster a Recliner :Sewing Recliners 101”

How to Upholster a Recliner

If you are looking for a way to update your recliner chair, then reupholstering it is just the thing for you.

Reupholstering an upholstered recliner means taking off the old covering and replacing it with new material. you can also read a complete guide on Consumer Reports Best Recliner Chair

The process of removing the old coverings can be done by hand, but some people prefer using tools like knives or scissors .

Once that is accomplished, a new fabric should be selected and cut to size before being sewn on to make sure there is enough extra material at all edges.

There are many different materials that can be used including vinyl or even leather. To learn more about how to sleep in a recliner check out this blog post!

Essential Tools

Reupholstering your favorite recliner is a tricky task, but with the right tools it becomes much easier. To ensure you have everything for optimal results, check off this list before starting:

  • Thread
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Wax Coated Thread
  • Hot glue gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Seam ripper
  • Upholstery Needles
  • Tack Remover
  • Staple gun

These are the tools that you must have before starting the reupholstery process;

How To Reupholster A Recliner

The following are the easy guide to reupholster your recliner chair easily;

Remove The Main Parts: The fabric on your old recliner is worn and tattered. It’s time to rejuvenate the furniture with a refreshing new look.

To do that, you will need to remove all of those pesky buttons first. If this sounds like an arduous task, never fear.

It will be worth it in the end when your chair looks as good as new again

Removing The Old Fabric: It is time to get rid of that old, worn out fabric and replace it with something better. However, if you’re reupholstering a recliner seat this means removing the upholstery completely before attaching new material.

Cut The New Fabric: Now you are all set to reupholster your chair. You need some fabric and a sewing machine. Cut out the new pieces of fabric, leaving enough room for stitching and tucking on each side about an inch.

Ironing the Cut Out Fabric: It is worth getting into a little bit of routine before you start sewing. Iron out and trim the old fabric from your chair, then lay it all on top so that any small pieces get saved with the new material.

Using Straight Pins: You must use straight pins because they are useful for keeping the material in place before you start stitching.

They are also helpful if your fabric edges need to be folded evenly, which is most likely when they have a design on them like stripes or polka dots.

Stapling The Fabric: Staple the fabric to the corners of your frame, ensuring that you have enough tension on it. You can use a material like cotton or linen for this project.

Re-Cover The Cardboard: From using cardboard pieces to make it sturdy enough for people with different weights, one must be careful not to use staples because they will poke through and cause discomfort once someone sits on them.

To avoid this issue, hot glue can replace these staple guns by re-covering the fabric around each cardboard square in order to keep everything together tightly without any holes or gaps which could lead you into trouble later down the road.

Wrapping The Buttons: Using your covered button kit package and the directions on its back, wrap them around whatever it is you’re trying to cover up.

Resewing: You will be able to resew your own buttons in no time with an 8 inch upholstery needle and some wax coated button thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your honest opinion of upholstering?

Up until recently people would have to rely on skilled craftsmen with the knowledge of how to cut fabric down into smaller pieces and stitch them together in order for there be any type of seating or furniture at all.

This process was so extensive that most homes would not even contain a chair because they just did not have enough money.

Why do you think someone would have their chair reupholstered?

Unlike most furniture, chairs do not last forever.

The wear and tear of daily use can cause them to look old or even beyond repair. Have you ever considered how expensive it would be for your office chair?

It is one thing when clothes get worn out from age but what if the material gets torn or stained in an unfortunate way?

Well unfortunately that is a lot more common with fabric than leather because there are less ways to fix those problems without having new materials put on top which means reupholstering.

How important is it to make sure the seams all line up exactly when sewing a piece of foam, fabric, or leather on top of another piece?

Sewing a seam can be difficult, but the payoff is worth it. Spacing out your stitches so that they are approximately one inch apart will make for cleaner looking lines and everything will line up evenly in the end if you take time to measure first as well.

What materials are best for recovering your chair pieces in order to get the most comfort and durability out of them?

You can find a good selection of materials to recover your chair pieces in order to get the most comfort and durability out.

These include foam, upholstery fabric, vinyls or leather for example.

There are many different material options when it comes time to recover your chairs that offer you more comfortable seating arrangements as well as better quality over time given their resilience against damage from accidents like spills and stains.

Wrapping Up!

If you have been looking for a way to breathe new life into your old recliner, we got the perfect solution.

The step by step guide discussed above will easily make you reupholster your recliner and turn it from an outdated piece of furniture in need of replacement into a stylish seat that is sure to impress guests. you can also read on Best Recliner For Degenerative Disc Disease

Whether this project seems daunting or not, do not be afraid to reach out. We have years of experience with upholstery projects like these and know how easy they are when done right.

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